Sports Information Analysis, LLC, is a private investment fund specializing in electronic sports arbitrage since 2000. For nearly two decades, we have executed hundreds of thousands of profitable transactions and extracted millions of dollars from bookmakers. Executing a trade on a sporting event is the final piece of a puzzle that our company has excelled at solving. The process that leads to a profitable trade may include predictive modeling, technology, market analysis, and information network.

Predictive modeling, or handicapping, is the “ground up” approach that some professional sports bettors use to determine what to bet. Handicapping a sporting event is considered the most difficult approach as you try to predict more accurate outcomes than bookmakers. Based on the industry standard odds of -110 for a straight bet, a handicapper only needs to be right 52.38 percent of the time to break even. Our prediction models have proven to be more accurate than break even and will continue to be a major factor in our trading process.

In the electronic age, the biggest difference between a recreational bettor and professional trader is the use of technology. Since the beginning, our in-house trading software has been customize and fine-tuned to maximize efficiency and profits. In the early years, we were considered an arbitrage betting crew that uses technology. In more recent years, we have been turned into a technology company that trade on sports.

Another factor in our trading process is how we analyze the sports betting market. Our proprietary software allows our senior traders to analyze the market to gather information that will be used to determine what, when and how to trade. As market conditions change, so does our analysis. Analyzing the sports betting market is a true art form.

In almost any industry, building and maintaining the correct relationships is usually a good recipe for success. With 20 years of full-time trading, we have created many relationships with other professional sports bettors, creating an information sharing network. On many occasions, the opinion of other professionals will provide insight that our internal staff has overlooked, and vice versa.

Since the Supreme Court of the United States lifted the federal ban on sports bookmaking on May 14, 2018, we have seen many legal bookmakers emerge in states outside of Nevada. Betting on sports has become more socially acceptable. As the industry is rapidly growing with more bookmakers, our trading company is also looking to grow. We are confident that our sports trading system will continue to yield profits as we look for talented people to grow with our company.​